you will never have to wonder how many clothes your baby needs again

we create capsule wardrobes made up of versatile and minimalist pieces designed to be mixed and matched. Our seasonal capsules vary in size and our most complete one acts as a stand-alone closet. We figured out how many clothes your baby really needs, so you don't have to


We believe in less is more. Every piece in our collection has been intentionally crafted to be the most versatile and high-quality version of a baby essential. When there's high quality, you don't need high quantity.


Fast fashion is bad to begin with but mix it with the speed of a baby's growth rate and you spell environmental disaster. All of our pieces are ethically-made in small batches in Canada and in Europe with sustainable & regenerative fabrics.


Babies grow *really* fast and so we knew we had to not only manufacture slow but design pieces that last the longest and are made with parents in mind. Think stretchy materials, two-way zippers, and highly-versatile design elements.