Our main fabric partner is based in Canada and is one of the few remaining ones doing in-house production and dyeing in the country! Even more importantly, we intentionally chose them as our partners because they prioritize sustainability every step of the way, offer full traceability of their materials, and use low impact fibre reactive dyes. 

The big difference between using traditional/synthetic dyes (think fast fashion fabrics) vs low impact fibre reactive dyes is that these dyes are free from heavy metals, chemical mordants, and the dyeing cycle is shorter than that for other dye processes, meaning lesser requirement of water, salt, and chemicals are needed.

Our clothes are made exclusively with the following materials: 
Organic cotton

Organic cotton is one of the most natural fabrics out there.

It’s grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and processed with no chemicals.

From an ecological standpoint, organic cotton farming uses 62% less energy and 88% less water than conventional cotton (which is, to the surprise of many, one of the single dirtiest crops around). 


Lyocell is a semi-synthetic, or cellulosic, fabric that has become very popular in the sustainable fashion world. 

It’s produced from the pulp of eucalyptus trees, which don’t require a lot of water and pesticides and the brand of Lyocell used in our fabrics only uses sustainably managed forests for its production.

The manufacturing of lyocell is also sustainable, because it requires less water than other fabrics, and occurs in a “closed loop system” where up to 99.5% of dissolving agents can be reused. 


Modal is another semi-synthetic fabric that’s known for its top-notch comfort and breathability.

Just as lyocell is made of the pulp of eucalyptus, modal is made from beech trees.

While it uses similar production processes of unsustainable viscose rayon fabric, it does so with far less waste and chemicals involved using the same closed-loop production process of recycling water and solvents that’s also used for lyocell.

The specific brand of lyocell used at OISTR is also carbon-neutral and made only from wood harvested from certified sources. 

Recycled cotton

Our knitwear is made of 70% OEKO-TEX ® certified cotton and 30% Ecotec® recycled cotton yarn. Our yarn is made in Italy and complies with European laws which prohibit the use of any toxic substances. Using Ecotec® recycled cotton compared to regular cotton means having the following environmental savings*:

  • 77,9% of water consumption
  • 56,6% of energy consumption
  • 56,3% of C02 consumption
*accordingly to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) led by ICEA (Italy)