Blame it on the hormones or the existential crisis brought on by the pandemic, but when the idea of OISTR popped up in my brain I had given birth only 2 months beforehand. 

You see, my daughter had been on this Earth for 60 days and I just couldn't believe how many clothes I had accumulated for our little human and even worse, how many pieces had gone completely unused already. When I was pregnant I had looked online for a list of baby musts, but that pile of unused clothing and gifts begged to differ on the must part.

At that point in my life I was not completely foreign to the unsustainable practices associated with fast fashion and I myself had been using a capsule wardrobe during my pregnancy. I knew someone must have thought of designing baby capsule wardrobes or at least taken a minimalist approach in figuring out how many clothes a baby actually needs. So I proceeded to do what any first-time mom spends half of her time doing: I Googled away. And to my surprise, I just couldn't find any stores that designed baby capsule wardrobes, and certainly none that committed to do it sustainably and ethically. 

Becoming a mom had made braver and so the more I learned about fast fashion in the baby clothing industry, the more I knew I wanted to take part in slowing things down. It was at that time that as a first-time mom, aspiring minimalist,  imperfect sustainability fan, and generally naive human, I decided there was no turning back; I wanted to create OISTR to just simply and sustainably help other parents answer the very basic question: "How many clothes does my baby need?" 

And so here we are, welcome to OISTR I cannot begin to tell you what it means to have you here,


PS. OISTR is currently a one (Latina) woman operation (me!), but when I say “we” online and in posts, my incredible family is the crew I’m referring to- they are the loving backbone of my business.